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The Madness Masquerade Ball: The perfect marriage between the spirit of Halloween and the insanity of Asylum 13.

We are also proud to present, for the first time ever in Delaware: AESTHETIC PERFECTION!

Besides our incredible lineup of bands and DJs, this evening's festivities include a Burlesque performance, Fire Spinners, fetish performance and play spaces.

Since this is a Masquerade Ball, we're also going to be holding a costume contest with prizes to giveaway for those in the best "insanity" themed costume.  Even if you're not trying to win, it's the weekend before Halloween and it's a masquerade... come out, wear a mask, have fun!


Aesthetic Perfection
Metropolis Records

"I make music because it is the only thing I know how to do. Writing about my every day struggles is what keeps me sane... some people seem to relate to that. If not, fuck it, I'd still be doing this if no one listened."

Aesthetic Perfection has been taking the industrial dance scene by storm for the last few years, breaking down genre boundaries and redefining what the term "industrial" really means, or should mean, when it comes to music.  Daniel Graves writes for himself, not for the "scene," and his passion shows in one incredible track after another.

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Die Sektor

Originally formed as a duo by Gant and Denman in 2002, DIE SEKTOR were quickly signed to leading German harsh-EBM label NoiTekk following the self-release of their 5-track demo “Scraping The Flesh” in 2004.
The acclaimed debut album “To Be Fed Upon”, mastered by Kolja Trelle (SOMAN), was released by NoiTekk in 2006 – and later by Russian label Gravitator in 2007.
Subsequently DIE SEKTOR have remixed several high-profile artists in the electro-industrial scene including DAWN OF ASHES, GRENDEL, and most recently ALIEN VAMPIRES (DWA/Alfa Matrix), CEDIGEST (DWA/NoiTekk), DETROIT DIESEL (DWA/Infacted), and the illustrious and infamous Suicide Commando.


Project Two
Asylum 13

With over 15 years of experience as a DJ, Brian Galgliardi of Project Two came barreling into the goth/industrial music scene and has earned the title of House DJ for Asylum 13 in addition to his weekly gigs in the Philadelphia scene and various guest DJ spots throughout the region.  Brian can be counted on to keep the dance floor pumping, working cooperatively with guest DJ’s and live entertainment to ensure that the inmates of Asylum get their fill of the dark alternative beats that they have come to count on every Thursday night.